Here is a list of frequently asked questions about stuff that happens at the club. It will be added to and updated, so feel free to visit as we will update this section as new questions arise.

1. How much notice must I give if I want to cancel my lesson or court hire in order to avoid being charged?


Lessons and court hire are charged IN FULL, unless a minimum of 24 hours notice is given for cancellations.

2. If I have a regular weekly tennis lesson for which I have paid for the term in full and I need to cancel, can I get a make up lesson?


PRIVATE lessons receive a MAXIMUM of ONE make up lesson per term PROVIDED A MINIMUM OF 24 hours notice is given that you will not be attending the lesson (No exceptions).

SEMI PRIVATE as well as SQUAD and GROUP lessons that are missed ARE NOT made up except in the event of rain

3. How do I know if lessons or court hire will go ahead during inclement weather?


Its best to call our land line on 9130-3095 a half hour before your lesson or court hire and someone will either answer and update you on whether the courts are playable or not OTHERWISE the line will automatically divert to our wet weather line which will give you the info you need.

4. How difficult is it to get a court. Can I just show up at the club or do I need to book?


Booking is subject to availability and is essential by phoning through to our Pro Shop on 91303095.If your call diverts to our messaging service please leave your name and contact number and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Courts are available for hire 7 days a week but during the school term, our courts are reserved for coaching from Monday to Friday between 3.30pm and 7.30pm as well as on Saturdays between 8.00am and 1.00pm  so court hire is not available then. On Sundays the courts are available for hire from 9.00am onwards but again it is essential to book.

During school holidays, the courts do open up for hire throughout the day from Monday to Sunday.

5. If I am a first time customer at the Bondi Tennis Centre, what will you need from me in order for me to book a lesson or a court?


We will need to enter your name, telephone number as well as credit card details (number and expiry date) on our data base.We do retain this info in our filing system which can only be accessed using a PIN so your information is protected. Please note that lessons and courts cannot be booked without a relevant and updated credit card and our friendly staff will ask you for these details when you phone to book with us.

6. Are you able to help me if I want to purchase a racquet or have my racquet restrung?


We currently stock a large range of the latest tennis racquets and will beat any price as long as it is priced in Australia.For just $10 you can try a demo racquet before you buy it and if you purchase a racquet you will get that $10 back.We also offer the latest range of racquet strings and can restring your racquet on site.

7. If I am hiring a court, can I hire a racquet and tennis balls?


We offer racquet hire at $5 per racquet and are happy to lend you used balls at no extra charge. If you prefer new balls, we do have these on sale in the Pro Shop as well.